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For $1.00 they send you nothing then charge you $9/mo for an "online" class, you didn't sign up for and never attend. This guy/gal needs to be arrested. I will be reporting this scam to my CC and the Consumer Credit Bureau. Google needs to take these people off their search and the FCC needs to do a better job reporting these scams to the IRS. I'm sure they don't pay their fair share of taxes. Because I was willing to pay $1 for some... Read more

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I was part of the first Permaculture Design Course that Regenerative Leadership Institute offered in Eugene, OR. We had an amazing group of people. I really appreciated the effort to create comfort and safety, as being in such close quarters with new folks can be challenging. Not only this did we receive, which in itself was such a blessing, cooking meals together, singing our names each morning, and acknowledging our interconnectedness, but we... Read more

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Hello fellow permies - I recently purchased two online courses through the Regenerative Leadership Institute without first doing a thorough research. (See the 13 furious letters on the BBB complaints page, as well as other furious reviews you will find under "Open Permaculture Institute, Regenerative Learning Institute, Common Circle Education, Permaculture Design Training, which constitute the trail of "corporations" run by Vladislav Davidson.... Read more

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My husband too was unhappy with this course. The first time he had a payment not go thru (as he needed to update his credit card info) he received a very nasty/threatening email that he would have his attorney's contact him and get his money. No initial warning email was received stating "your payment was missed oversight or anything like that". It was very much just an attack email to start, this left a negative feeling for my husband and I... Read more

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I have nothing but bad feelings about this company. I signed up for a "free course", and then got dunned with emails asking e to pay for a "certificate". Then I found a review of professional permaculture teachers who said the course was not recognized by anyone. When I wrote Vlad, asking why it was not "free" he sent me abusive and threatening emails, and threatened to take me to court and sue me for damages. He said he had thousands of... Read more

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The Reginerative Permaculture school is a complete FRAUD. Permaculture is something one learns "hands on," for the same cost as provided by this UNACCREDITED "SCHOOL." Vlad claims the school is the "largest permaculture school on the planet...and you must be communist." I have email after email of his stating his intent to charge 35% in legal fees for a declined CC. His last communication with me stated his intent to "...your card will be... Read more

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